City of Soul: Episcopal Service Corps in Memphis, Tennessee

Grace-St. Luke’s and Church of the Holy Communion Partner to Transform Lives in Memphis, Tennessee

Here in Memphis, we know what a special and complex city we call home. This is the land of the Delta Blues, the homeplace of Elvis, the place where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his life in the long struggle for equality and respect between races. We have inherited a rich and challenging history which continues to shape our present.

Memphis is a beautiful city on the banks of the Mississippi River, with old trees and architecture, a historic downtown, art museums and parks. It’s home to Beale Street, Graceland, STAX and the National Civil Rights Museum.

And Memphis is a city with soul, where faith is a part of life, a city where you’ll hear Baptist gospel on one corner and Anglican chant on another. Our people respond to the challenges around them by giving back – in fact, Memphis is the second most generous city in the United States.

Grace-St. Luke’s and Church of the Holy Communion are partnering with four organizations that have been responding on the ground to the challenges of the city for a combined total of nearly 300 years: poverty, homelessness, unemployment, crime, health crises and racial inequality. We are building a program through Episcopal Service Corps that will put us on the ground with them, placing young people in these organizations to support their work and build relationships with the people of Memphis.

From August 2015 through July 2016, Episcopal Service Corps interns in Memphis will work at the following organizations:

Emmanuel Episcopal Center

MIFA (Memphis Inter-faith Association)

The Shelby County Public Defender’s Office

St. Columba Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center

We are seeking people who want to make a difference in this city, transforming lives, including their own, dedicating a year of their lives to making a difference in the world.

To apply for next year, go to our page at the Episcopal Service Corps site and click on Apply or Start Your Service.