What is Pastoral Care?

One of the many ways we demonstrate our love for each other at Church of the Holy Communion is through the work of our Pastoral Care Ministers.  If you, a family member or a friend is in need of care, please don't hesitate to contact our Pastoral Care Leadership (clergy or lay persons).  This crew is available to help in times of need, illness or celebration. Once people have felt the "TLC" from a Pastoral Care Team they usually want to return the favor, often by serving on one of our five Pastoral Care Teams (serves on a 5-week rotating basis).

Pastoral Care Ministers serve in many ways, including preparing and/or delivering food, phone calls, notes and cards, and visits to the homebound or those in the hospital. You might decide to become a Eucharistic Visitor and deliver communion to those who cannot attend our services. If you have a special gift or talent that you'd like to offer, it's quite possible that you can apply it through this ministry. Most taskes have flexible time constraints, so you can make it fit your schedule.

For more information about Pastoral Care, whether you would like to give or receive it, please contact Heather Stemmler, heatherholcomb [at] gmail [dot] com.