Home and Hospital Visitation

Hospital Visitation

Our clergy and lay ministers visit patients regularly when they are in the hospital. If you are going to be in the hospital or know of some who is, please help us care for you and your loved ones by taking three simple steps.

  1. Contact the church office before admission to the hospital or fill out a Prayer Request Card. The more notice you can give us, the more likely a priest, deacon or lay minister can be available from the beginning of someone’s hospital stay until discharge.
  2. Contact the church office when a condition or location changes. If someone moves from one floor to another – and especially if their condition changes – we need to know, in order to continue offering consistent pastoral care.
  3. Contact the church office before discharge from the hospital. Church of the Holy Communion’s pastoral care team can continue to care, even after you’ve arrived at home.

Home and Hospital Communion

Both the clergy and Eucharistic Visitors routinely take communion to those who, for a various reason, cannot attend church regularly. This is a mutual ministry of Christ, rewarding both for those who visit with the sacrament and for those who receive it. We want to know of those who wish to receive communion as well as those who would like to be trained and licensed to offer it.

Contact: Margaret Taylor(martay35 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Homebound Parishoners

We would like to identify any members of this parish who are generally unable to come to church, so that we can offer them regular visits and other kinds of care. Please contact the church office at 767-6987 if you know of someone who might not be on our homebound list.

Contact: The Rev. Deacon Randy McCloy(rmccloy [at] holycommunion [dot] org)