Book It Health Challenge

What is the Book It Health Challenge? 

The Book It Health Challenge is an 8-week walking or running challenge that starts the week of July 26 and ends with our Book It 5K on September 19, 2015.  Earn points for your team by completing your individual walking or running workouts each week and earn a point for each minute that you walk or run.  Teams will compete for the most points earned (highest team average) throughout the competition,  Each team member on the top three teams will win gift cards.

Members of a team do not have to be on the same training program and do not have to exercise together.

Earn Points for Your Team:    

  • Earn points for each minute of walking or running exercise up to a maximum of 240 points or minutes per week.
  • Earn a maximum of 10 points for a cross training workout per week.


  • Monday:  Walked or ran 30 minutes                                  30 points
  • Tuesday: Cross trained 20 minutes                                   10 points
  • Wednesday:  Walked or ran 40 minutes                             40 points
  • Friday:  Walked or ran 45 minutes                                     45 points
  • Saturday:  Walked or ran 45 minutes                                 45 points

                                          Total Earned Week 1                        170 points

  •  The maximum number of points you can earn per week is 250 (240 points from walking/running and 10 points from a cross-training workout.)

 It’s Easy to Participate:

  • We provide training logs and if you need one, training plans.
  • Choose one of the training schedules provided or use your own.
  • Complete your running or walking workouts on your own or with others.
  • Record your workouts and points earned.
  • E-mail your points earned each week to your team captain.


Each team member on the 3 teams with the highest team averages will receive Fleet Feet gift cards at our Book It 5K race on September 19, 2015.

 Training Guides:  Choose one of the following 8 week training guides that is appropriate for your fitness level or use a program of your own.

  • Level 1 – Beginner Walking
  • Level 2 – Intermediate I Walking
  • Level 3 – Intermediate II Walking
  • Level 4 – Advanced Walking
  • Level 5 – Beginner Run/Walk
  • Level 6 – Intermediate Run/Walk Option I and Option II
  • Level 7 – Beginner Running
  • Level 8 – Intermediate Running
  • Or you can use the workout schedule that you are currently on

 Form a Team or sign up and we can place you on a team!

To form your own team, recruit a few friends, family, or co-workers, pick a name for your team and pick a team captain.  A suggested number per team is 3 to 5 members.    The maximum number of team members is 10 per team.

 If you don’t have a team, just sign up and we will place you on a team.

 E-Mail Your Points Earned:  E-mail your points earned to your team captain each week.  Each team captain will e-mail the team member points earned to Robert Propst each week.

 The last point earning workout will be Wednesday, September 16.  The points for the final week should be e-mailed on Thursday, September 17 to your team captain.  All points for each team will be tallied.  The winning teams will be determined by averaging the number of points earned for each team.

 Can I change training programs after I have started?  Yes. 

If you select a training program to follow and realize at some point that it is either too hard or not hard enough for you, then you can either drop down or move up to the program that you feel is more appropriate.  Simply begin the new program at the point where you left off with the old one.

 Can I include the 5 minute walking warm up and cool down as minutes of exercise?  Yes

 What is considered cross training?   XT means cross training.  You can walk or do some form of non-pounding exercise, such as swimming, cycling, core work, exercise machines, weight lifting, yoga, tai chi, zumba, stretching or flexibility exercises, etc.

 To sign up, pick up a registration form from the church, download one from the website or email Robert Propst.

 Questions?   E-mail Robert Propst at rkpropst [at] msn [dot] com or Julie Fike at juliefike [at] holycommunion [dot] org.